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Naagin 3 21 July Full Episode Written

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latest bollywood news

Maahir is jealous to see Rehan and Bela laughing heartily. Maahir tells Bela he has never seen her laughing so much ever. Bela doesn’t get the hint. Adi has reduced in size and Anu is worried about him. Adi tries to grab everyone’s attention towards him. But Adi fails to get attention and gets caught by Yamini. The latter hides him successful. Bela and Rehan’s friendship makes Maahir a little more jealous. Officer confronts Andy as to why he is partying when his son is missing. But Andy doesn’t believe him. The Officer asserts that Yuvraj is missing but Andy and Sumitra don’t care. They are convinced Yuvraj is in New Zealand with Raavi Saluja. Bela stops Rehan on his track and he transforms into Vish. They then plot Maahir’s death. Bela plans to kill him and make it look like an accident. Rehan goes back to meet Jamini because he needs to make her spill her truth.

Bela and Maahir have an argument, Maahir wants to know why she is awkward only with him and not with Rehan. On the other side, Rehan and Yamini are having a lover’s tiff over Bela. Then suddenly Raat akeli hai starts playing and Rehan and Yamini start dancing. Rehan is actually Vish, so he is all awkward dancing with another girl. Here Maahir is getting more and more angry to see Bela know so much about Rehan. Yamini tries to seduce Rehan. Yamini gets suspicious about Rehan because the latter is not responding. She sweetly confronts him why he is not getting close to her. Yamini asks him to prove his love for her by getting intimate with her. Rehan or Vish bolts.

Bela and Maahir continue to fight as Maahir is really jealous of Bela and Rehan’s closeness. Maahir confronts Bela, He asks her what is her relationship with Rehan. Bela says why is he so bothered. Maahir is about to confess his love for her but he doesn’t. He then tells her that he just wants to see her happy but she needs to tell him the truth. He gives her time till next day to decide who she wants to be with Maahir or Rehan. Maahir is restless thinking about Rehan and Bela’s bonding. He then sees Rehan entering his bedroom where he just confronted Bela. Maahir seethes in anger but decides to wait for her truth tomorrow.

Rehan transforms into Vish inside Maahir’s bedroom and Bela and Vish discuss their bet again. Vish feels Janhvi is innocent but Bela doesn’t think so. Vish tries to ask about Maahir but Bela sends her off. Next morning Yamini gets tea for Bela and she doesn’t walk but glides in. Bela suspects foul play and switches the cup. But Yamini is sure Bela would do exactly that so she is not worried. Bela is worried Yamini would know that she will switch the cups. Yamini then thinks aloud that Bela has to just touch the cup with her lips because the tea is not poisonous. Bela is about to touch her cup with her lips but then Maahir rushes in and takes her out of the room. He then asks her to tell the truth. But before Bela could say anything Sumitra comes and takes her away for some puja thingy.

Maahir is so worked up with his feelings that he is getting restless to hear Bela’s answer. He drags Bela out of the kitchen as well. Maahir again asks about Rehan. Bela decides not to tell him anything. Bela gets irritated and confronts Maahir for this behaviour. She tells him there is nothing going on between him. Maahir asks her repeatedly. He then tells Bela that she shouldn’t be worried if he takes this decision and storms off. Bela is zapped.

Maahir gets together everyone together in the hall and announces Rehan and Yamini’s wedding the next day. Rehan is flummoxed! Maahir credits it to Bela. Bela is equally shocked and so is Yamini. Yamini is angry that she didn’t get to kill Bela yet and they have already announced her wedding. Bela is also thinking how to stop this wedding. Rehan switches to Vish who is concerned that she might just get married to Yamini. She hopes somebody will save her.

Next day, Maahir is rushing the wedding, guess to eliminate any threat to his love story with Bela. Rehan or Vish is really concerned about herself. Adi is tied and trapped in jewellery box. He tries his best to get free. Bela is asked to make Maahir eat the sweet but she gives it in his hand. She then signals Rehan to meet her upstairs which Maahi notices. Vish is paranoid and scared. Bela tries to calm her down. Maahir sees them hug each other. Maahir again confronts Bela. Maahir is so jealous that it is not even funny. Bela tries to reason with him but Maahir has gone bonkers with jealousy. Bela then tells him she is going to meet Rehan because he has a gift for Yamini that Rehan wants Bela to give. She walks out and Maahir continues to seeth.

Bela takes the haldi to Yamini’s room. She finds it empty, not knowing that a reduced Adi is trapped in the jewellery case. Adi tries his best to get Bela’s attention but she is only thinking about inspecting Yamini’s room. But she mistakenly closes the drawer where Adi is trapped. Suddenly Yamini enters and Bela drops the bowl of haldi on the floor. Bela tries to clear the mess but Yamini decides to reveal her identity just then and instead of walking, she glides in mid-air. Bella is not too shocked as she was expecting something like this anyway.

Next episode Yamini reveals that she is a chudail and threatens Bela that if she reveals her identity, she will tell everyone that Bela is a Naagin.

latest bollywood news


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